Dear Business Owner,

Your time is valuable and I'm not going to waste it making you read through pages of marketing materials to see if we're the right IT partner for your business, or just another high priced consulting firm more focused on our bottom line than the needs of your company.

So here's why you should consider us:

No Contracts, No Monthly Fees

There's two reasons why that's important- the first and most obvious is that you're not locked into paying for sloppy IT services that you may or may not use each month.

The second and most important reason is that without any commitments, we have to earn your repeat business every time. Having customers frustrated that a job isn’t done correctly isn’t going to get us called back time and again.

Competent Consultants

Our consultants aren’t fresh out of school without any real world experience, or recent members of the Geek Squad. Most of us have been at this since the days when monitors only displayed green and could double as an effective boat anchor.

Experience means knowing what technology will work for your people the way they’ll actually use it, not the way some geek thinks your staff should use it if only they were as smart as them.

We’re into dependable solutions that do the job at hand well, but aren’t over buying.

Low Rates, Published Rates

Have a quick question? Need a password reset? We do “quick fixes” for just $15… and a full hour of scheduled service is just $100 (even less for military personnel, churches, and other non-profits). And for that we can remote in or come to you- no dropping equipment off and getting it back a week later still broken, but now with your data missing.

As always our rates are right on our website, and we’re always happy to provide estimates before starting any service.

Learn More

I invite you to look through our website to learn more, and be sure to check out our Tumblr blog and Twitter feed for all of the latest news and offers.

And as always don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Thanks for your consideration!

Josh West, Owner, MCP

Our Philosophy
Josh West has worked as a technology consultant to small businesses across the midwest since 1995. While many consultants will push the latest and most expensive technologies that "happen" to increase their bottom line, Josh's philosphy has stayed simple: Use the simplest and most reliable tools to solve business problems.